Popcorn / Candy Floss


Welcome to UK’s best source of party accessories. If you are looking for popcorn machines and candy floss machines to hire for your wedding or any event that you have, then you have come to the finest place to get them. We offer you the best-quality machines at an unbelievably low price.

By hiring a popcorn or candy floss machine from us, you will be giving your guests a trip down memory lane. Almost everyone has fond childhood memories of popcorn and candyfloss. So placing these machines in your wedding event will make a happier and livelier atmosphere which everyone will enjoy.

Treat your guests to  the aroma of freshly popped popcorn or the sweetness of a newly spun candy floss. These two machines will definitely make a good impression on everyone attending the event.  We offer two kinds of popcorn and candy floss machine options to suit your needs. Do you want a machine that is unsupervised, or do you prefer one that is supervised? An unsupervised popcorn machine can be hired for the very low price of £99. The unsupervised candy floss machines can also be hired for £99. If you want the supervised option, the popcorn and candy floss machines can be hired for £165 each for three hours. One of our staff members will be at your event to operate the machine for you.

Please call us for other special offers that we may have. We will give you exceptional discounts if you plan to hire both the candy floss machine and popcorn machine. If you want to include a bouncing castle or one of our garden games, we can give you amazing savings by offering you packages that you won't be able to pass up. Call us and find out how you can make your wedding or any event you may have extra special.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Candy Floss or Popcorn Machine       Price 
Unsupervised £99
Supervised £165
This is for 3 hours  


This is what you can expect when you hire one of our machines:

●      50 to 200 servings of popcorn with the flavour of your choosing.

●      50 to 200 serving of sugary candy floss for every child and adult with a sweet tooth.

●      An optional service staff member to help with the operation of the machines.

●      Your choice of canopy colour. Do you want a red canopy or a white canopy?

●      Your choice of a supervised machine or unsupervised one.

Our company will deliver in most places located in North West England. There are even places where we can deliver for free. If you are looking for party accessories and equipment, you cannot find a better deal than what we can offer. We own all the items that you can find on this website. We do not outsource to other providers. This allows us to lower our prices without sacrificing the quality. Call us right now to if you are looking for a popcorn machine or a candy floss machine. We have an offer, which will surely make you smile.