17ft x 15ft Liverpool With Slide

  • Dimensions: 15ft x 17ft x 11ft
  • Required Space: 18ft x 20ft
  • Suitability: Children
  • Upto Age: 14
  • Raincover: Yes
  • Overnight: Yes (£15.00 Extra)

Price: £55.00

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17ft x 15ft Liverpool With Slide

Children love to play on the bouncy castles, and their joy is doubled if the castle has a slide on it. All parents want to give their best to make their children happy on their birthday. Why not hire a bouncy castle fit for champions? If you hire a theme bouncy castle with the symbols of their favourite Liverpool football team, your children and their party guests will no doubt be ecstatic. You can hire our Liverpool bouncy castle with slide online at KC Bouncy Castles Hire Liverpool, and for an extra payment you can even keep it for overnight. Both boys and girls up to the age of 14 can have fun in the castle. But the guidance given by the manufacturer is that only 6 to 8 children can play at a time.

Don’t worry about the installation. If you have space a little larger than the actual dimensions of the bouncy castle, then you can fix it easily in your backyard or any other outdoor spot. We provide a built-in raincover for the castle to protect your kids from changing weather conditions. We regularly maintain and clean all our bouncy castles. Public liability insurance policy coverage is provided for all the castles as well. For further clarification, give us a call - we are always ready to help you.