17ft x 20ft Gladiator Duel

  • Dimensions: 17ft x 20ft x Null
  • Required Space: 20ft x 23ft
  • Suitability: Adults and Children
  • Upto Age: Any Age
  • Raincover: N/A
  • Overnight: Yes (£15.00 Extra)

Price: £65.00

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You need to plan a lot to organise an event or any special occasion. The success of the event depends on how well your friends and families enjoy and entertain themselves. Hire a Gladiator Duel at KC Bouncy Castles Hire Liverpool for unparallelled fun and amusement. You will be thrilled to compete against your friends and family on the Gladiator mat and test your endurance and stability on the podium. Only two persons can bounce at a time. There is only one rule: If your opponent is off the podium before you, you win the game. The best part is people of all age groups can have fun with the Gladiator Duel (just remember to be gentle with Grandma).

The Gladiator Duel measures are 20ft length and 17ft width. You need a little extra space than the original measurement for proper installation of the duel at your garden or outdoor. It inflates with the blower fixed at the back. It has two padded duel sticks, two padded helmets and two safety mats to ensure the safety of the players. Gladiator Duel comes with a public liability insurance policy coverage for £50 million, and you can call us at any time for any clarification. You can place an order for a Gladiator Duel online at any time. If you wish to keep it overnight, you just need to pay an extra fee. Both adult and children are sure to enjoy themselves and have a memorable experience with the Gladiator Duel.